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Well hey there, you beautiful soul!

I'm Amanda, & I am a self-taught photographer based out of Portland, OR. I am originally from Fargo, ND,

& I love all things cats, plants, and art! My greatest joy comes from making new connections with those around me, & creating something beautiful together.

     Photography has always been a passion of mine,

& I have been practicing my art for over eight years now.

I shoot in both film & digital, but analog photography has always had my heart. Something about being unable to edit a moment, capturing life just as it is, and being really present for the moment, is just so amazing.

    I love having the opportunity to help celebrate life's special milestones, inspiring & sharing smiles,  capturing amazing people in beautiful moments,  & photography lets me do just that. If you would like to get to know me a little better, have any questions, or to book a session with me, feel free to contact me from the form below!

Thanks for being here :)

Woot Woot! Thanks for the message :)

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