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Joy in the Little Things

Life has a tendency to speed right on by. We get stuck in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, caught up in the spinning world around us. It is so easy to just let the best parts of life just slide on by, which is why we all need to take a minute and just breathe in; breathe in some fresh air, take in the world around us, cherish the time we are granted with those closest to our hearts. Life can seem like an endless, redundant race until something unexpected suddenly stops us in our tracks, feet skidding to a complete halt. It's crazy to think that we never know when our last day might be, or when our interaction with a loved one might be the last. Our family experienced a great loss this weekend, and our hearts are deeply saddened. We all came together to cherish our memories and provide support for each other in our shared loss. It's when our hearts experience the greatest sorrows that they can once more be fulfilled with those coming together to comfort and console. People say life is short, but I couldn't disagree more. Life is literally the longest thing we will ever know during our time here on earth. We just need to use our time wisely; give each day that you wake up a purpose, be intentional with your actions, use your words everyday to lift up those around you. Live each day as the blessing that it is, with a happy heart and glowing soul.

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